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The struggle of creating great design

Uppdaterad: 6 mar 2019

Hi! How are you? It's been a little while. I've been trying to focus on my studies this past week and I'm currently working on a book layout for school. It's a slow process but it's coming along - even though the deadline (Friday!) is a bit nerve wracking. I've been feeling a bit sluggish, maybe it's the late spring blues? Here in Sweden we barely have any sun in the winter, most days are dark and gloomy. Maybe it's taking it's toll on me. Coffee is my only savior haha! Where do you live? I'd love to know! Hopefully you're blessed with more sun than me.

So when I've been working on my assignments, as well as when I create layouts and communicate in my business I've come to reflect a bit around the process of great design and my personal struggle with certain aspects of it.

I truly admire graphic art designers, (and designers in general from different fields) especially now when I'm really trying to learn it. Design can look so effortless, clean and simple, sometimes with only a few well placed objects. I do believe it's something we as a society tend to forget to appreciate. It makes sense because we don't usually notice great design in our everyday life because it works so seamlessly or looks easy!

I've been fascinated by design for quite some time now but when I created something before I went with my gut feeling. I've never been analyzing it until I started studying the subject last year.

Personally it really dawned on me when I started dabbling with typography. I've made art for many years and I feel quite confident with expressing the language of imagery. (Even though I - of course - have so much room to grow!) But then I realized... When you put letters into the mix it becomes a whole new ball game.

An assignment where I created a logo and layout for a brochure for an imaginary shop.

I never quite knew what a challenge it is to create truly balanced layouts. This of course is only based on my personal experience, everybody has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Typography seems to be my struggle at the moment. (except for coding which is my worst enemy but that's a story for a different time...)

You have to think of so many details. Spacing, placement, size, genre, not overpowering the image or other elements and oh - don't forget, the letters should be easy to read... And which words do you want to emphasize? The list goes on.

I've found myself sitting with a particular element of a layout or a font for hours at a time. Trying out different sizes, placements for each element back and forth etc. In the end the final result looks like it's the most effortless thing in the world to put together!

A moodboard I created for the layout above.

It's quite strange, I've been chuckling at the thought a few times!

When a design finally comes together it's so rewarding. I have to admit that I'm the type of person who keeps seeing flaws in everything I create (I'm working on it, promise!) and have this tendency of having a hard time letting a design or an art piece go. Are you similar in that way or do you feel satisfied with your work after you've completed something?

Design is truly a whole new world for me and it's both interesting and challenging. I would recommend to stop and observe design whenever you can. When you see an interesting billboard outside or when you're walking by a great automatic door system! Maybe just take a little moment to se all the little details in Instagrams animated sequence when you're scrolling through stories haha! It's easy to miss. Heck, boring commercials tends to be more fun when you look for the tiny details.

If you're interested in this subject I suggest to watch this lovely little video by the channel GCFLearnFree. It has stunning visuals and is a great start to get some knowledge about the fundamentals of graphic design!

I'll continue on with my assignments now and hope you'll have a wonderful week.

With love <3 /Klara Regina

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