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Oh yes, it's live! My next exhibition...

Me and another artist, Anna Trollvind Sporring have been planning an exhibition together in June in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm finally able to say the event is live and up on facebook!

Translation: An art exhibition with Anna Trollvind Sporring and Klara Regina Forss. Through the eye of the dreamer. 14-16/6/19, Juste Gallery, STHLM

Maybe you know this feeling... When something suddenly feels real when you've made it official? It's quite exciting but also nerve wracking. In my last exhibition I had an array of paintings to display and didn't need to think about creating anything new. This time it's a different situation.

I'm currently planning what kind of artworks I'm making for the exhibition and testing out ideas. I want to explore new avenues and feel like I've been stuck in a rutt for a while. While I truly enjoy making the fun, quirky illustrations that look a bit childlike, I also have this need to make art that delve into a deeper layer, both spiritually and emotionally. My boyfriend asked me the other day if maybe, I accidentally put myself in a box?

I believe this is true and comfort myself with the thought that many creatives goes through this growth. I would also enjoy for you, the viewer to feel connected to the art I create in another way.

I have a friend who meditates and sometimes likes to view epic scenery or listen to music as he does this. He told me he really enjoyed one particular artwork from my wall calendar for that type of escapism and encouraged me to create more mixed media pieces like the one below. I'm keen on the idea.

August - by Klara Regina Forss

I've always been drawn to this type of dreamy scenery but I didn't feel confident in making it, but maybe it's finally time! August is a mixed media piece, created with a combination of digital and traditional art so in that case I'll sell high quality prints. If you have any tip on a good printing shop I'm all ears!

Floating in space - by Klara Regina Forss

It's a lot to think about and this time around I'm happy that I was able to team up with Anna who is a great artist and colleague. You should really take a look at her work. We have a similar drive and wish, to be able to spread some imagination and fantasy to other dreamers.

And finally, do you think this theme is worth exploring for the exhibition?

If there's something you feel inspired by I'd love to know, just comment down below! For example art, photographs or a particular theme... Maybe I'll incorporate it into the upcoming art exhibition!

I hope you're having a great week. With Love<3 /Klara Regina

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