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Can you truly excel as a multipassionate creative?

Hi friends!

I'm currently writing this in my couch with a cup of coffee right beside me, watching the twilight with it's beautiful gradient of pink to blue and the budding trees in the park outside, looking like they're about to burst into bloom. It's officially spring in Sweden.

I've been focusing on many projects recently. My studies, my upcoming exhibition, a book project, learning photography, managing my parents website and the social media for them as well as for my boyfriend, Erik. I'm also collaborating with him on a bigger music project that is particularly close to my heart that I'll tell you more about soon, meanwhile you can check his updates if you're interested.

It's a lot to handle in periods and sometimes I feel like I'm spreading myself thin which can be stressful.

On the other hand, I'm a multipassionate creative and I have to remind myself that's okay to be. Maybe you do too. Switching things up and create music fuels my art-making and vice versa.

I use art and music to express my innermost feelings and I've been exploring different mediums my whole life. When I was three years old I started singing in a choir and I've studied music in different schools since then. I also studied art at a folk high school and I love illustrating. Now I'm attending college and study digital design.

The visual medium has the ability of showing us a small window of a whimsical fantasy world that I love. But

music can create landscapes of sound

that almost make you burst into tears or jump of joy!

To be able to play with and combine these mediums is a dream of mine, like creating films with music and art to escape into a wonderland. This is not a dream that I'm willing

to let go of.

But society is built around specialists, where you're expected to be great in one field and you don't have much room to have multiple passions. You choose your field and stick to it.

As an artist, when building a community - a tribe of people who share your passions and follow your journey it can be difficult to put all those interests in one neat little box, it's certainly a skill to market that properly. One artist I truly admire who excel as a multipassionate entrepreneur is Jonna Jinton who takes stunning photography, creates films, vlogs, blog, paint, create jewelry with her partner and sing. She's truly amazing, to be able to create a brand around her passions and make people feel connected to nature and imagination and make a living from it.

Her example show us that like the specialists have their strengths, so do multipassionate people! If you want to learn new skills don't limit yourself because you've already "chosen" a path. We can all make room for growth and try new things, no matter our age. Those assets can be used in unexpected ways you never could imagine, or just enhance your personal life - like learning photography to take beautiful family pictures and capture memories. Creativity is healthy for all of us and even though you've never tried it, I urge you not to be afraid to!

From my latest exhibition at Eat with Jonna. Photo: Linnea Bengtsson

I do have a tendency to stretch myself in too many directions and this is something I have to work on so it doesn't affect others negatively. I don't want to do many things half bad, I want to be proud of my work. It's important to remind yourself of this and not take on too many responsibilities so you don't burn out.

Are you a multipassionate person or do you specialize in one subject? How do you manage your projects and responsibilities so you don't feel stressed? I'd love to know!

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