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Artist and illustrator

It all began with a little girl, her wild imagination and a big blank canvas...


To me, art is one of my ways of spreading imagination and an attempt to fill the world with small expressive stories. In this parallel reality there are colorful fairies and mythical creatures, both joy and drama. Something that was found in folktales, cartoons and animated films during my childhood. The inspiration comes from stories of different cultures and ages. I miss it sometimes today, that colorful magic replaced by everyday grayness. Something naive and at the same time wise. That's probably why I often close my eyes and dream in color. I hope you also can stop for a moment, take a deep breath and dream too.

My journey 

My name is Klara Regina. I’m a 25 year old illustrator and singer from Sweden. As a "multipassionate" creative, I use art and music to express my innermost feelings and I've been exploring different mediums my whole life. I believe art is a powerful and important way to communicate. My wish is to sprinkle a little more color into this world and I believe a painting truly say more than one thousand words. We need to stay playful, to dream more and feel more and that's something I try to express.   

My goal is for children and adults to experience something mythical and embrace their inner child again. In a way I'm escaping into a dreamworld when I paint. I hope others feel that same magic linger in my artwork as I do when I create them. 


I work in mixed mediums, usually experimenting with markers, ink, digital media and watercolor. I usually make smaller paintings with lots of detailing and larger prints, bringing inspiration from asian culture as well as children's books and folktales.   



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